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Quidne Press was formed to find and promote books that defy traditional publishers’ categorization. Quidne Press books are intelligent, use language and visual art beautifully, and appeal to a wide range of ages simultaneously. 

Our books are the antidote to simple books that are repetitive to read with dumbed down vocabulary. Each book is a work of art, pleasing to the eye and the ear, and includes a message with relevance and appeal to all ages. We encourage readers of all ages to allocate some of their precious time to read books together.

Quidne Press works with authors to design their books to be read to children of all ages. The vocabulary is advanced and should prompt questions. Children at every age will understand and interact with each book differently.


"This book (The Lollipop Tree) spans the ages. I have my copy in my classroom with preschoolers. Most of my kiddos are still working on a grasp of English so we look at the pictures mostly. I retell the story using words they'd understand and as their language skills increase, we can use more and more if the written words.
"They adore this book, they often talk about the artwork using words and concepts your wouldn't expect from a four year old. I love that they are able to make conversations and connections to the creations in this book. It truly helps some meet the standards set for them." Janelle - PreschoolTeacher

"I received The Lollipop Tree as a gift and read it immediately - the first thing I notice was the praying mantis drawn into nearly all of the illustrations...so at the end of the book, finding a page that was dedicated to praying mantises was a real treat. This book is beautifully illustrated, very well written, and definitely has a story line for children and deeper themes / correlations for adults. I'm already looking forward to the next one!" Denise

""Larry and Bob" is perfect to teach children of all ages about creating unlikely friendships that can be meaningful and life-changing. The author's use of vocabulary provides a great opportunity for learning dialog between adults and children. Our family loves the illustrations too! Beautiful. A keepsake in our home for years to come." 

"What a wonderful children's book! I talk about "Larry and Bob" with children of all ages, it's amazing how dynamic the interpretation ranges from person to person! From children to adults it's a wonderful story about, friendship, nature and perspective!" J. Vega