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Karen Schaufeld - Author

Karen G. Schaufeld is a philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and lawyer. She is the founder and President of 100WomenStrong, a granting organization that strategically invests in nonprofits and programs that enrich the lives of Loudoun County, Virginia, residents.

Karen also co-founded All Ages Read Together (AART), a school readiness program for low-income preschool-aged children. In addition, she helped found NEW Customer Services Companies, Inc., the nation’s largest administrator of consumer product warranties, now part of NEW Asurion, Inc., where she served as General Counsel.  

 She is currently CEO and Co-Founder of Altor Locks which has created the world’s lightest, strongest bike lock.  She is an advocate for the growth of renewable energy in Virginia and a more secure and stable grid through distributed energy.  To spread awareness about Virginia energy policy she founded PoweredbyFacts.com and is actively involved in the passage of renewable energy bills.  She most recently collaborated to strategize with and support Win VA to elect delegates responsive to their constituents and is further supporting these efforts by forming VA Our Way to inform voters of delegates’ efforts on their behalf during the legislative session.

She currently serves as a trustee of Lehigh University and serves on the boards of All Ages Read Together, Middleburg Film Festival, PeaceWorks Foundation and Venture Philanthropy Partners. She published her first children’s book, The Lollipop Tree, in 2014 and released her second children’s book, Larry and Bob, in 2016.  How to Eat a Peach, released in Spring 2019, is her third book. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Government from Lehigh University and a J.D. from George Washington University. 

Learn More: www.karenschaufeld.com

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Kurt Schwarz - Illustrator

Kurt Schwarz is a realist painter specializing in portraiture, still life, and landscape. His skill in capturing the complex nature of his subjects has contributed to his reputation of being one of Virginia's finest artists. Kurt's career highlights include six solo exhibitions and publication in fine art magazines, including international publication, The American Artist. 

Learn More: www.kurtschwarz.com

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